How to benefit from the certification in your career?

Theoretical education is generally lacking the practical experience that companies require, so if you are a fresh graduate, you will find yourself unqualified in this field.

The CFI Institute offers certification based on a strong foundation in financial modeling and financial evaluation. Moreover, you will enhance your knowledge of practical applications of accounting, finance, financial modeling and financing. You will also have other skills required to work in this field. Thus, you will have a greater opportunity to find a good job in the field.

Because the competition is tough in the labor market, companies always look for people with skills who always try to improve their qualifications and have the passion to obtain professional certifications.

While you are studying FMVA, you will notice that your skills are developing in mastering the methods of financial analysis, such as ratios and measurements. You will also learn how to set up a company and build an evaluation model from scratch. In addition, you will be to work on analyzing financial statements for the last 3 years, for example, and forecasting for the coming 5 years to compare it to other companies in the same industry, and how to present these ideas professionally. You can also organize and design graphs and presentations.

The certification will help you merge between financial theory and practical application. The certification covers topics such as: accounting, excel, financing, evaluation, financial modeling and other topics related to the field.