Program Overview

The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA Program is typically completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business.
In Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Middle East generally, we strongly believe that passing CFA level intense practical knowledge about everything related to finance and investment, higher chances to answer technical interview questions, and more chances for promotions in work that is related to finance and investment.

Suitable Jobs related to CFA

Investment vacancies suitable for CFA candidates

Equity Analyst, Investment Banking
Analyst, Private EquityAnalyst,
Investment Managers..

Credit related vacancies suitable for CFA candidates

Credit analysts, business banking
analysts, Corporate RiskAnalysts..

Finance related vacancies suitable
for CFA candidates

Budget officers, financial reporting
managers, corporate finance analysts
and Financial advisory executives

Study Topics Overview

Financial Reporting & Analysis (15% of total)

  • Understanding accounting standards & financial statements in depth: B/S, IC, CF
  • Steps of financial analysis, and financial ratios calculations
  • Knowing inventory valuation methods, insights on long-lived assets, income taxes, and long-lived liabilities
  • Financial reporting quality, and applications

Economics (10% of Exam weight)

  • Demand & supply analysis
  • Firms and market structure
  • Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth ü Understanding Business Cycles
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Currency Exchange Rates

Equity (11% of exam weight)

  • What is the financial system ? What is the stock market index ?
  • Types of market indices
  • Market efficiency and overview on equity securities
  • Industry analysis
  • Concepts on Equity valuation

Alternative Investments (6% of Exam weight)

  • Types of alterative investments

Derivatives (6% of Exam weight)

  • Derivatives markets
  • Pricing and valuation of derivatives

Corporate Finance (10% of exam weight)

  • Corporate governance
  • Capital budgeting and cost of capital
  • Measures of leverage and working capital management

Quantitative Methods (10% of Examweight)

  • Time value of money
  • Discounted cash flow applications
  • Statistical Concepts and Market Returns ü Probability Concepts
  • Sampling and Estimation
  • Technical Analysis

Fixed Income (11% of exam weight)

  • What is the bond and its features? What are the bond cash-flows? ü Callable bonds, puttable bonds, and convertible bonds
  • Sovereign bonds, corporate debt, and financial instruments
  • Fixed income valuation, asset back securities
  • Credit analysis

Portfolio Management (6% of exam weight)

  • Overview on portfolio management and risk management
  • Portfolio risk and return
  • Portfolio Planning and construction

Ethics (15% of Exam weight)

  • Ethics and Trust in the Investment Profession
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Guidance for the standards
  • Introduction to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

Course & Exam Details

  • Finance Coach offers its courses in Cairo (Dokki, Nasr City) and Alexandria in Egypt. We also online courses to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait
  • The course hours is 180 hours, with two lectures per week (3 hours per lecture)
  • 2-3 instructors per each course, with different experience and way of teaching
  • Instructors are certified with 10 -15 years of experience
  • The CFA registration and exam fees are USD 1,250 (USD 900 exam fees + USD 250 registration)
  • CFA Institute offers different scholarships reducing the total fees to USD 250
  • The exam is offer 4 times per year in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.

CFA orientation videos

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CFA success stories

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Shihab Mohamed

Associate of Strategy, Planning, and
Transformation at National Bank of Kuwait

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Abdallah Asharf

Assistant Manager, Deal advisory,
Transaction services at KPMG

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Momen Gamil

Deal advisory, Transaction services

Instructors Bio


CMA Holder , CFA Level 3 Candidate

Mohab has more than 10 years of experiences in the field and currently working as Investment Manager in Acumen Asset Management, He has extensive experience in Business Modeling & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Business Reviews, Impairment test assessment and Financial Reporting, Financial Services and Education.


FMVA Holder, CMA Holder & CFA Holder

Mr.Omar is Assistant Vice President Prime Capital. Omar holds the prestigious designation of CFA, CMA and FMVA. Omar has extensive experience of more than seven years in diversified aspects including; Equity Valuation, Feasibility studies, Financial Consulting, Business Modeling & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Business Reviews , IPO’s Valuations, Impairment Test Assessment and Financial Reporting. During his professional career, Omar covered various economic sectors including: Petrochemicals, Tourism, Real Estate, FinTech, Logistics, Construction and Materials, Financial Services and Education.


CFA Holder , CMA Holder & ACCA DIPIFR

Ahmed works as assistant relationship manager | Business banking HSPC Egypt. Ahmed has 13 years in front office banking operation in HSBC with decent experience dealing with retail and corporate clients, CFA charter holder since 2017, he also earned CMA designation IN 2011, IFRS diploma in 2014 and corporate credit course from Egyptian Banking Institute in 2014.


CFA Holder

Ahmed has 10 years of experience in investment and finance field. Ahmed is currently working as assistant manager in EFG Herms.


CMA Holder & CFA Holder

Ahmed is the Head of Industrial Sector at CI Capital Research, Leading the team covering MENA industrial stocks. Ahmed has a cumulative experience of eight years, spanning from investment banking to equity research. Ahmed completed the CMA program in 2012 and the CFA program in 2015


MBA Holder & CFA Holder

Sherif’s the Head of Financial Analysis section in the listing sector at The Egyptian Excel Exchange EGX, responsible for the financial analysis, advisory.


  • CFA Level1 and 2 lead instructor at several training academies.
  • Corporate Finance instructor in “Financial Markets”
  • Post Graduate Diploma at Faculty of Economics& & Political Sciences, Cairo University
  • Finance Instructor in the Investors’ relations training program at EGX.


PHD Holder & MBA Holder

Walaa has 12 years of experience teaching different subjects in Finance and investment field for both undergraduate and master students universities in Egypt& Saudi Arabia. Walaa has wide experience in Financial Modeling & Analysis using different statistical softwares ( SPSS, EViews, Minitab and Excel), Corporate finance, M&A, Fundamental analysis, Equity research, Behavioral & Islamic finance.


FMVA Holder & CFA LEVEL 3 Candidate

Abdelrahman has over 5 years of the combined experience in the banking, financial analysis, risk management, valuation, and asset management, fundamental analysis and economic analysis.

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