CMA Scholarship

It is a scholarship offered by the institute for students to obtain the certificate, whether Arabic or English Section students

Scholarship Requirements

  1. The scholarship is given only once to both parts, and without any fees for registration
  1. The scholarship period is only 3 years, and the student is allowed to take the exam only once
  1. They accept only 10 students from each university, and it is a priority admission. The university’s professor responsible for application can put down the requirement, and this is due to the high number of applicants
  1. The student must be in the third or fourth year of the university
  1. Graduates are not accepted, unless they are studying for a master’s degree
  1. Applications are sent on September 1 of every year until May or until the number is completed

Steps to apply for the scholarship


  1. Step One:

The university’s professor is responsible for sending 10 students who will be nominated for the scholarship by sending their application forms to the institute via his university email

  1. Step Two:

After that, the students download the application form, from the Institute website and fill their data and their professor’s data, who nominated them. Each student fills data, such as University, and Faculty.

Name of college / university

Address   University address

Date       The date the application was filled in

Faculty member name   Type the name of the professor who nominated you 

Faculty member Email Write your professor’s email

Telephone   professor’s number

After that, you will provide your information (Student)

Student name

Last name The rest of your full name

Enrollment status  choose either you are a bachelor or master student.

Maior field of study  write your major, such as accounting or administration

Expected Date of graduation  write the expected date of graduation (month and year only)

Personal email address write your email

Street  write your address in detail

City write your city’s name

Postal code   write 11311 (Egypt)

Country  choose your country

Phone write your own number

IMA member  If you have an old membership before applying for the scholarship, it is preferable to leave it blank in order not to cause differences in the data and get yourself into problems

  1. Step Three:

The student will write a nomination letter and present it to the responsible professor to  send it to the institute. This letter represents a confirmation from you to the institute that you are already joining the university and studying in it. This letter must be signed by the dean of the faculty and must be stamped with the faculty’s seal, as the institute will not accept it otherwise.

In the letter, you are required to write your full name, the name of the faculty and university, a part of the professor’s letter to the institute, and the signature and stamp of the dean of the faculty

After that, write the letter on Microsoft Word and scan it

After that, send your form to the professor, who will send it via the e-mail of the universities in the Middle East

You will have to wait a week for a response with either acceptance or rejection. In the event of acceptance, the institute will send an email to the 10 students nominated by the professor, including the username and password and the code to activate the scholarship, followed by a “Click here” button.  Then, follow the steps to activate the scholarship, which must be within two weeks of receiving the email of the institute, otherwise, the scholarship will be cancelled

Click on” Click here”  in the email and enter the username and password, and you will automatically find yourself directed to the institute’s website and a login page

Type the username and password and click on” My IMA” And change the password to any number you want

After that, click on “Click here” where you will see  4 steps :

  1. CMA program registration     choose CMA candidate student, then you click “Join”
  2. Find a professional chapter   choose the place you want to have the exam
  3. CMA part 1 registration  choose the date when you want to have the exam
  4. CMA part 2 registration You can book for the second part exam or choose it later

Then, you will see a 3-sided page:

  1. Address information  
  2. Item summary
  3. Payment   write the code that you received from the institute  in the place designated for it, next to the page or click on “Apply”  You will get the cost total = 0

Then click on “Complete order”

Then you will see another page, where you should write in the largest rectangle in front of “Your name” and make sure you’re your name matches the name written in the scholarship application file, then click on “Complete order” 

You will see a “Thank you” message, which means that the scholarship is successfully activated

After that, the institute will send you an email when you book the exam, including a number to use to book the exam date on prometric website