10 benefits of the certification

  • Acquiring practical skills

As this certification is taught by professionals and they have been analyzing companies for years, you will gain practical skills, and you will also be able to make spreadsheets and start conducting the analysis.

  • Credibility

It’s very easy to show in an interview that you have skills in financial modeling. However, when you have a certification from the CFI Institute, it will increase your credibility among your coworkers and managers.

  • Knowing the industry best practice

The certificate will help you have knowledge of the best practice using excel, building models and conducting evaluation analysis. Previously, people were asked to learn such practices from professionals and directly in the work place, but now the institute allows you to learn them online through the courses offered.

  • Learning how to be committed

Most companies require responsible employees who are enthusiastic and hard workers. In order to take the certification, you must be committed to all courses and pass them all. This may take you about 100 hours to complete it in the FMVA certification which requires you to be committed to learn and succeed.

  • Improving yourself in Excel and PowerPoint

Most of the financial modeling certifications focus on complex xxcel skills. Hence, excel courses covers everything, such as: keyboard shortcuts, formulas, dynamic functions, coordination, and more.

  • Learning different ways of building financial models
  • Learning how to deliver results

It is very important in business to learn how to do a graph that shows the results in the financial model, visually and in an easy way for users.

  • Increasing your self-confidence

Having the FMVA certification will make you deliver better analysis and therefore you will gain self-confidence.

  • Helping you provide accurate financial information
  • The certification will give you an added value as a Financial Analyst

You will be recognized among others who compete with you. Thus, if you have the certification, from an accredited place like the CFI Institute, in your CV your chance to get the job will increase.