Why CMA Program?

Certificate features


  1. CMA is one of the most important first steps to join the world of  It is one of the most required certificates in various organizations around the world, and also considered as the most popular and widespread in the Middle East.
  1. You will have the right to obtain a membership in one of the largest international accounting societies, which is Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
  1. You will enjoy an international recognition as an international management accountant permitted to workin any country in the world
  1. This certificate will improve your skills and professional competenceinboth management accounting and financial  It will also provide you an opportunity to obtain a better job as well as high administrative positions in the accounting field, and it will give you a priority over other candidates.
  1. The certificate will give yourespect and appreciation, and will distinguish you from others in the company, as it is considered to be equal to a master’s or a PHD in the academic field, which means it has an effective social position.


  1. The certificate will boost your self-confidence and your skills to work in different circumstances, which is a result of the scientific and professional experience that you will gain from the certificate. If you are a graduate in the Arabic section of Faculty of Commerce, it will also enhance your self-confidence for the certificate will strengthen your English language skills.
  1. The certificate will change how you think inside and outside your work area, because of of the knowledge you are going to acquire.
  1. Your response and discussion skills with people will change, because you will have a lot of information.
  1. CMA holders always have high salaries. 

Business fields that require CMA certification

The CMA holder works in public and private organizations as a cost accountant, an administrative accountant or a private company accountant.

The CMA certification is required in multiple fields, such as:

  • Financial accounting
  • Financial and administrative auditing
  • Planning and budget
  • Financial reports
  • Cost management
  • Performance Management
  • Profit analysis
  • Internal controls
  • Employees in banking and investment sectors
  • Manufacturing and mining
  • Real estate and medical services


There are also large and well-known companies that require CMA certification, such as Aramco, in oil, and ALCOA, which is one of the largest aluminum production companies in the world,  in addition to 3M company, which is an American mining company, and Microsoft, and many other companies.

Jobs for a CMA certificate holder

  1. Preparing financial statements (income statement, balance sheet statement and cash flow statement)
  2. Issuing the company’s periodic accounting reports
  3. Drafting the accounting administrative decision
  4. Managing the company’s accounting resources
  5. Managing the company’s accounting risks
  6. Managing and organizing the accounting performance of the company
  7. Identifying investment management opportunities
  8. Assessing investments and risks
  9. Helping the company in making decisions
  10. Developing strategies to improve the company’s performance
  11. Presenting ideas to senior management
  12. Supervising accountants from the lowest level